A Darlington restaurant are holding a competition to mark the appearance of their owners on the new series of Come Dine With Me: The Professionals.

Babul’s in Darlington are hosting a competition as the brothers, Zak and Shuhel Ahmed, who run the business, to mark the airing of their episode.

The contest will revolve around who can make the best meme of owner Shuhel.

The pair said they had "the best experience" on the show and hope they come across well to the audience.

They have confirmed the winner will be announced on May 31.

Speaking about the appearance earlier this week, Zak said: “"It was filmed 18 months ago when we first opened.

"We're a little nervous, you never know how you'll come across. People will watch and make their minds up for themselves, we just hope for the best.

"We went out of our comfort zones with this. It was exciting appearing on the show. It was fun and we met lots of new people. 

"We decided to do it during opening week whilst we were running the restaurant.

"We had a full restaurant as well as doing the show. In hindsight maybe we should have closed.

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"The other guests realised that, we went first. My brother Shuhel just doesn't want to become a meme. 

"We wanted to show a bit of ourselves to people, they always see us in work mode and this is a bit more personal."

The episode is available to watch on All4, and can also be found here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szEIf9jRl2E