Do you think the North of England begins at Scotch Corner or somewhere along the River Tees?

If you’re up for a debate when it comes to discussing where the North-South divide really begins, this might spark your interest.

We asked Northern Echo readers on Facebook where they thought the North starts – here are some of the most commented locations (out of 180 comments).

See where the North starts according to our readers

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Scotch Corner

One local wrote: “Everything below Scotch Corner is the South.”

“Scotch Corner the sign definitely says The North,” added another.

Also in agreement, two people commented: “Definitely Scotch Corner” and “In my eyes Scotch Corner is the start of the true North.”

Someone else posted: “Pretty much after scotch corner but it depends on your perception. I’m originally from Co Durham but when I lived in Newcastle, was called a southerner and told the north east ends in Sunderland. My multiple protests fell on deaf ears!”


“The M62, roughly. Once you pass Ferrybridge power station on the A1, it feels like you’re crossing a border,” suggested this reader.

The Northern Echo: Do you think the North of England starts near the River Tees?Do you think the North of England starts near the River Tees? (Image: Google Maps)

One resident added: “Ferrybridge services I reckon M62.”

River Tees

Clarifying where they think the North really starts, one reader wrote: “River Tees. South side is Yorkshire. North side is the north.”

This person joked: “River Tees at Blackwell Bridge , or if your on the A1 at merrybent bridge over the tees. This is where a bread cake becomes a bun, and scrapings become scraps."

A Facebook account said: “The North bank of the River Tees.”

Watford Gap

“North of walford [Watford] gap,” commented this local person.

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“Officially or unofficially? The run of the mill joke is anything north of the Watford Gap,” asked another.

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Someone exclaimed: “Yes deffo Watford , or that’s where “the south” begins !”

Additionally, one of the Northern Echo’s readers said: “If it's immediately south of Yorkshire or Lancashire then historically that's the Midlands. The north is(as they were pre 1974)Yorkshire, Durham, Northumberland, Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire.”

This person went on to say: “North starts the bottom of Yorkshire./Lancashure [Lancashire] The North East starts Darlington/middlesbrough way.”