Darlington residents have almost unanimously decided that they miss Blue Lagoon the most out of former restaurants in the town.

The quirky eatery closed back in 2017 after owners Chris and Peter Kattou announced that they would retire.

The outlet, which specialised in Greek cuisine and was renowned for its creamed cabbage, moussaka and homemade chips, was always praised for retaining its old-school charm.

They closed after 56 years of business but residents in Darlington clearly still wish they would re-open.

When we asked our readers which restaurant they missed the most here were some of the comments we got back.

Beryl Hankin described the restaurant as "so special". 

She said: "The Blue Lagoon was so special as can be seen from all the heartfelt comments above.

"It can never be equalled as it has been part of the lives of so many of us. Huge thanks to Peter Kattou and family."

Pam Million said: "Loved the Blue Lagoon, remember the old owner, sat in his chair at the back, keeping an eye!"

Anne McNulty said: "Definitely the Blue Lagoon. Went there for birthdays, anniversaries, retirement.

"Really miss it."

Anita McDonnell said: "Definitely the Blue Lagoon. Had my first “dinner date” there in 1964 and went regularly ever after.

"Their chicken Kiev was amazing."

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When The Blue Lagoon first opened, in 1961, it was the only restaurant in Darlington. There were hotels and tea rooms, but no restaurants.

Not only this, the Katous’ restaurant was the first continental restaurant many people in the area had visited.

An intriguing novelty at first, its Greek culture caused a stir in the 1950s Leeds outlet, by allowing diners to eat ‘al fresco’, which was previously unheard of in the area.