A group of rescue dogs from Darlington Dog's Trust are looking for their forever homes.

The selection of dogs includes a range of breeds, ages and personalities, all with their unique requirements, making it important to match the right dog with the right home.

The Northern Echo: Silky and Tommy

Silky, an eight-year-old Collie cross, needs a quiet home with no other pets or children.

Described as sensitive, both she and her best pal Tammy are said to be "very sweet and affectionate given the chance."

They have led a sheltered life and would cherish a peaceful environment.

The Northern Echo: Rolo

Six-month-old Rolo, a Belgian Shepherd Dog cross, is seeking an active family who can mentally stimulate him.

His potential owners need to have plenty of time to dedicate to him.

Rolo is described as a "super clever lad" who would be an ideal fit for a family passionate about dog training.

The Northern Echo: Polly

Polly, a German Shepherd Dog cross, would thrive in an environment with minimal visitors as she can get overwhelmed.

At just two years old, she requires an active family willing to carry out fun training sessions to help build her confidence.

The Northern Echo: Trigger

Trigger, a one to two-year-old Collie cross, would benefit from a fairly active family that will take him on plenty of adventures.

He has been learning basic commands and needs these to continue.

The rescue centre describes him as "such a lovely lad."

The Northern Echo: Tucker

Tucker, a five to seven-year-old Terrier cross, has had significant changes in his life so is looking for a calm home.

Tucker has a friendly and playful personality and can live with secondary school-aged children.

The Northern Echo: Zena

Two-five years old Bulldog cross, Zena, is ready to join a family into dog training.

She will need to be the only pooch in a house.

She is described as a "loving girl" with a fondness for food and tug games.

The Northern Echo: AceAce (Image: Picture: DARLINGTON DOG'S TRUST)

Ace, a five to seven-year-old Rottweiler, is ready for his forever home.

Ace requires an adult-only home due to his OTT behaviour.

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However, the shelter says "It'll be a very rewarding experience to work with Ace and welcome him into the family."

Each of these dogs is searching for a chance at a loving home.

Darlington Dog's Trust encourages interested individuals to enquire about the dogs and engage in multiple visits to the centre before taking their potential new pet home.