Dog lovers looking for a new best friend will be happy to learn there are dozens of dogs up for adoption in Darlington.

Dogs Trust Darlington have plenty of rescue dogs looking for a forever home this month.

We have compiled a full list of seven pups hoping to bring some light into their new owner's lives.

Holly and Pippa - Daschund

The Northern Echo:

This mother-daughter duo are on the lookout for their forever home together.

They would prefer a quiet home as Holly can be worried by loud noises and both will bark when they hear sounds. 

They both enjoy company and struggle when left alone, so will need someone to be around at home.

The centre have said they would be best suited to being the only dogs in the home, but could be socialised with small, quiet dogs.

Anyone looking to adopt this delightful pair will need to visit the centre a couple of times before they can go to their new home.

Roger - Lurcher

The Northern Echo:

This lad is desperate to find his forever home and craves attention.

Staff at the centre have said he loves learning a few new tricks for a tasty reward. 

An adventurous pooch, Roger enjoys quiet walks in peaceful settings and loves to explore his area.

For the right home, Roger would make the perfect addition and be a fitting addition to your family.

Rosie - Patterdale Terrier

The Northern Echo:

Rosie is a senior dog with lots of love left to give and is looking forward to finding her forever home.

As an older dog, she would enjoy a peaceful environment, but is able to live with secondary school aged children.

She would like to be the only dog in the home but could share a stroll with a calm friend.

She loves being with her people and staff have said treats are the way to her heart. 

Tequila - Crossbreed

The Northern Echo:

This special will need the right home as he has tested positive for leishmania antibodies - this means he cannot live with immunocompromised or pregnant family members.

His condition also means he must be the only pooch in the home but can have walking pals that aren't overly playful.

He would a secure garden to practise his house training and enjoy off-lead play time.

Tequila will need routine serological and blood tests every 6 to 12 months.

Tequila's condition is a big responsibility and will require a suitable home, but for the right family he could make an incredible companion.

Kira - Belgian Shepherd cross

The Northern Echo:

A lovely young girl who is looking for a dedicated family to look after her, Kira cannot wait to find her forever home.

The centre have said she can share a home with another dog that enjoys calm play time, and staff believe a partner in crime could help her. 

An energetic, and at times overenthusiastic, dog, Kira is recommended to share a home with children aged 16 and over.

Adopters will be invited to meet Kira a few times at the centre before starting the process of home visits.

Blue - Malinois

The Northern Echo:

Blue is an active, bouncy boy who would love a household to match his energy and exuberance.

The centre have recommended he go to a family with experience of the breed who can keep his mind busy with games and training.

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Ideally, prospective owners should have a garden where he can enjoy his various activities.

Still a puppy at heart, this one-year-old would love to meet his forever family and enjoy his new life.

Anyone interested in adopting these 7 dogs can find out more here.