The distressing moment a teenage father-to-be was killed in a police chase was captured on an in-car camera.

Kelvin Bainbridge, 19, led cops on a six-minute pursuit around Spennymoor, County Durham on October 18, 2019. He was disqualified from driving and wanted in connection with burglary offences at the time.

He had been on his way home from finding out the gender of his unborn baby when he was spotted by an off-duty police officer.

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An inquest into his death, expected to last two weeks, got underway today (Monday, September 18).

Jurors watched the moment traffic officer PC Paul Jackson tried to stop Bainbridge as he left the car park of the Black Horse Inn pub in Tudhoe, but as the officer went to get out of his car Bainbridge sped off from the scene.

Before arriving at the pub, the officer could be heard radioing control to ask whether he should set up a stinger, but decided he wouldn’t have time.

Having fled the pub Bainbridge led the officer on a six-minute chase through Spennymoor including crashing into another car on the way.

Distressing footage shows the horrifying moment the police car struck Bainbridge as he jumped out of his car on the corner of Central Drive in Middlestone Moor.

As he leapt from the Nissan Primera he was driving the police car ploughed into him.

The officer exclaimed “ah f*ck” as he walked around the front of his vehicle moments later to find Bainbridge in a pool of blood.

The moment was captured on a body-worn camera.

As the video was shown in court Kelvin’s mother, Suzanne, ran out in tears. His father Troy left the room before it was played for a second time.

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The coroner paused the clip before the moment of impact to ask the family if they were sure they wanted to watch it.

The inquest, at Crook Coroners Court, heard he died from a blunt head injury when he was struck while on the ground.

Proceedings will continue tomorrow (Tuesday).