The Great North Run is here and is being greeted by scorching hot weather as the UK's late heatwave continues into the weekend.

While hot weather is great to sit about in, it can become rather challenging for those who want to run a marathon.

This is why we have decided to round up some top tips for those taking part in the race which starts on Sunday, September 10.

How to manage running in a heatwave as Great North Run starts this weekend

Here are some of the top tips for those running during the Great North Run 2023 as the heatwave continues this weekend:

Adjust you expectations 

According to Verywellfit, personal trainer Meghan Kennihan recommends that runners adjust their expectations as even the most heat-acclimatised athletes will struggle to cope with running great distances in extreme heat.

Kennihan says that runners should do their training and exercise outside and away from an air-conditioned space to best allow their bodies to get used to the heat when moving.

Dress right

Perhaps a more obvious item on this list, what you wear when you run is often essential to determining how well you will stave off heat.

Personal trainer Samantha Clayton says that wearing "sweat-wicking" fabric will give your body ample opportunity to maintain a cooler temperature.

Tank tops and Lululemon leggings as well as clothes with breathable materials are also recommended.

Check humidity 

Humidity can make a huge difference when it comes to running, according to Runstreet.

If humidity is high, as it often is in the UK, the sweat can be prevented from evaporating, leading to overheating. It is recommended that those running in humid conditions bring with them plenty of water.

The humidity for the Great North Run 2023 is expected to be high at between 93% and 67% throughout the day.

Freeze your water bottles

A great way to cool down while running is to freeze your water bottle so that the water remains cool while it slowly melts.

This is a tried and tested method used by people across the globe to keep cool while exercising.