In less than a week thousands will be heading to the start line at the Great North Run after months of training. 

From regular morning runs, warms ups, special diets and more, the day is just around the corner for Europe's biggest half marathon. 

But ahead of the race, participants will be wondering one big question that lays heavy every year: Where do you put your belongings?

This year that question is more important than ever, even if you're a Great North Run veteran, as the organisers have changed the location of the baggage system. 

Where do we put our belongings at the Great North Run?

This year the Great North Run has some new baggage point locations that runners will need to be aware of.

The baggage points vary depending on the colour of your number which you will find on your bib.

For orange and white numbers you'll find the buses near the Town Moor along with the entrance route to the start.

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At that spot there will be 26 double-decker buses, all numbered to place your belongings, it's important to remember what bus you used.

Green number baggage buses are along Claermount Road where 12 double-decker buses will be waiting.

You will get a luggage label along with your number that you will need to fill in and attach to your bag.

To gain access to the buses you will need your run number to ensure it corresponds with the baggage label.

At the end of the route, you can pick up your luggage at the Gypsies Green Stadium via the Apres Run Zone.

What time do the baggage points at the Great North Run close? 

With the event opening at 8am there is plenty of time for you to head over to the baggage site. 

The orange and white number baggage buses will depart the site at 10.15am when they will head over to the finish line in South Shields. 

Whilst the green number baggage buses will depart the start line at 11am.

You can see our full explainer on the Great North Run here.