Every athlete has their personal best record finish time but there are always those all-time record finish times that everyone is trying to one up. 

And that's no different for runners taking part in the Great North Run. 

Each participant and athlete is eager to take to the streets of the North East not only to cross the finish line but to see whether all the training over the last few months has paid off. 

Some may even compare their finish times with some of the elite athletes that are hoping to claim one of the money prizes up for grabs. 

With the Great North Run first taking place 41 years ago, there are a lot of times recorded but only a few can make it to the timetable of the best. 

And now with over one million people completing the race, it's even harder to get on the converted spot of record-breaking finishing times. 

But it's always worth a shot, and that's why we've rounded up all the information on the record-breaking times for the Great North Run.

All the information is according to the Newcastle Gateshead website. 

What are the men's Great North Run record finish times?

Taking the current number one spot is Kenyan long-distance runner Marin Mathathi who has a time of 58.56 in 2011.

The top 5 are: 

  1. Martin Mathathi (Kenya) – Ran the course at 58:56 in 2011.
  2. Zersenay Tadese (Eritrea) – Ran the course at 59:05 in 2005.
  3. Wilson Kipsang (Kenya) – Ran the course in 59:06 in 2012.
  4. Mo Farah (United Kingdom) – Ran the course at 59:22 in 2015.
  5. Martin Lel (Kenya) – Ran the course in 59:32 in 2009

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What are the women's Great North Run record finish times?

For the women's record finish times at the Great North Run, the current holder is Kenyan Brigid Kosgei who holds the time of 1:04:28 in 2019.

The top 5 are:

  1. Brigid Kosgei (Kenya) – Ran the course in 1:04:28 in 2019
  2. Mary Keitany (Kenya) – Ran the course at 1:05:39 in 2014.
  3. Paula Radcliffe (United Kingdom) – Ran the course at 1:05:40 in 2003.
  4. Priscah Jeptoo (Kenya) – Ran the course at 1:05:45 in 2013.
  5. Mary Keitany (Kenya) – Ran the course 1:05:59 in 2017.


Find out more information via the Great North Run website.