An ex-copper who allegedly assaulted a vulnerable woman is set to face a misconduct hearing.

Former Cleveland Police officer Kevin Woof is accused of breaching the professional standards required for police officers after he allegedly propositioned and assaulted a vulnerable woman.

He is then accused of assaulting another member of the public before attempting to leave the scene.

Woof allegedly then told lies about the events of the night in question on October 17, 2021 in Newcastle City Centre.

Former PC Woof, whose collar number was 2318, is said to have breached standards of honesty and integrity, authority, respect and courtesy, duties and responsibilities, and discreditable conduct.

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If proven the claims will amount to gross misconduct.

He will face a public misconduct hearing on June 21 held at the Riverside Stadium.

Earlier this week the Echo reported how another former Cleveland copper will face a disciplinary hearing accused of the ‘inappropriate sexual touching’ of a woman later this year. The unnamed officer is alleged to have touched a female in a manner which was uninvited, unwarranted, and inappropriate sexual touching. Their disciplinary hearing will take place on September 4.