An orphaned fox cub found in a carrier at the side of a road was left with a heartbreaking note.

The cub was found in Langley Moor, Durham on Wednesday (May 24) with a note written on the back of a Greggs wrapper which read, “My mum died – help me.”

It’s not known who put the cub in the carrier or wrote the note.

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RSPCA animal rescue officers collected the fox and took him to a vets for a check-up where he was given a clean bill of health.

The Northern Echo: My mum died - help me. the note readMy mum died - help me. the note read (Image: RSPCA)

Rescue officer Shane Lynn said: “It is heartbreaking what happened to  this poor fox cub, but we are so grateful that he was found and is now in a safe place where he can recuperate.

“It is very sad that he isn’t growing up in the wild with his mum but we are so grateful to all the members of the public for contacting us about him and taking the time to rescue and save his life.

The Northern Echo: The orphaned fox cub is now in RSPCA care.The orphaned fox cub is now in RSPCA care. (Image: RSPCA)

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"It's a lovely reminder that there's so many wildlife friends out there.”

The charity says is sees a surge in calls around spring about baby wild animals and birds on their own.

It has asked members of the public to monitor any young that appear to be alone to see if their mother returns before contacting them or visiting their website for further advice.