Rishi Sunak swapped from running the country to running 10k on Sunday (May 28) morning as he was spotted at a race in his constituency.

The Prime Minister was at the Northallerton 10k, in his Richmond constituency, on Sunday ready to take part on the run.

Speaking at the event Mr Sunak said: “I haven’t done any exercise in a long time I’ve been a little bit busy but I’m going to try and do it under an hour.

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“It’s great to have everyone here so thanks for coming.

Asked who he would choose to take on in a race between himself and any current minister or former PM Sunak ignored a heckle of “Boris!” to say: “I’d like to try and do it with Penny Mordaunt with her sword and see if we can get around with that.”

He was among hundreds of runners at the starting line at 10am, ready to pound the pavements of the North Yorkshire town hoping to raise money for charity.

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The Northallerton 10k returned last year for the first time since the pandemic.

Running for the Pendragon Community Trust, which provides sensory equipment and experiences for those with additional needs, the PM said: “Many of you will know Pendragon in particular. It is an absolutely extraordinary place.

"It does an incredible job for so many families in our community.”