I READ with interest

the letter from Mike Taylor

(HAS, May 28), and agree with his sentiments about Sedgefield MP Phil Wilson.

It is MPs like Mr Wilson who only like democracy when it works in their favour. Well, that is not how democracy works.

As for another referendum, I believe that it is not necessary. I think the European elections, where the Brexit Party hammered all the major political parties, speak for themselves. Looking at the results (Echo, May 28) the Brexit Party won in every council area in the North-East.

I think that states quite clearly to Mr Wilson that the public want Brexit delivered plain and simple. Another referendum would be a waste of time and money.

The Government needs to deliver Brexit with or without a deal (Conservative runners in the leadership contest take note) by the October 31 deadline.

The public voted to leave. It’s time to deliver on that promise and not whitewash democracy till they get the result they want.

Rhys Maybrey, Darlington