AN article headlined “Pyjamas excuse is not good enough” (Echo, Nov 1) concerning the problems in Crook with motorists parking on double yellow lines, causing an obstruction caught my attention.

A police officer quotes: “The double yellow lines are there for a reason and in accordance with The Highway Code, double yellow lines mean no waiting at any time.”

Do vehicles displaying blue badges not cause obstructions?

I am well aware that these drivers can legally park on double yellow lines for up to three hours, but what a ridiculous law.

If it is deemed necessary to have yellow lines on a road, either as a safety measure or to help traffic flow, surely all vehicles should be treated the same.

I live in Durham and see blue badge holders abandon their vehicles in Old Elvet directly opposite the T-junction outside the Methodist Church, or on blind bends in other parts of the city.

I’ve even seen the occupants get out and head across Elvet Bridge towards the Market Place.

If they need to be close to the city centre amenities, why don’t they park in one of the car parks and pay like everyone else? The blue badge system is there for a good reason, but needs a shake-up.

John Watson, Durham