A GOOD parking row fills many a local newspaper column, and depending on the scale – or pettiness – of the issue, can hit the national press as well.

Today we feature the parking problems of Crook and the daily battle police are facing with drivers stopping on double yellow lines in the town centre.

In an effort to highlight just how inconsiderate the motorists are being, officers have listed a wide range of pretty poor excuses given for the illegal parking, including one individual who didn’t want to walk too far while dressed in pyjamas. Yes, really.

It is a lighthearted attempt to draw attention to a serious issue, but it is worth remembering that there can also be a dark side to parking disputes. On Tuesday, The Northern Echo reported how a company boss screamed abuse and spat at a traffic warden giving him a ticket in Bishop Auckland.

The court heard the warden was so distressed by the incident, he considered giving up his job.

Sadly, abuse like this is all too regular an occurrence. There can be no excuse, however frustrating it is to get a parking ticket, for directing this kind of behaviour at someone simply doing their job.

The police in Crook are right to highlight the ongoing problems in the polite manner they have. It is to be hoped those holding up the traffic and blocking pavements for people with prams and wheelchairs will take note before any more serious incidents take place.