Olly Alexander was joking about his disappointing results at the Eurovision Song Contest during Radio 1’s Big Weekend.

The 33-year-old rose to fame as the lead singer of the popular band Years and Years, achieving two number-one albums in the UK Albums Charts.

Alexander finished the competition in 18th place with 46 points from the jury vote and no points from viewers across Europe with the song Dizzy.

He returned to the stage at Stockwood Park, Luton full of energy and opening with his and Galantis’ 2021 song Sweet Talker, and also referenced that he was leaving his former band’s Years & Years name behind.

Dressed in a black top and white jeans, he used his expressive moves throughout the performance and also did renditions of the 2015 singles Eyes Shut and Shine and the 2014 track Desire.

He also played Pet Shop Boys’ It’s A Sin on the piano, which he covered at the Brit Awards with Sir Elton John, before singing the rest standing on top of the instrument.

Later, he introduced Dizzy telling the crowd: “And now for the song that was only 17 places away from winning the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s Dizzy.”

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“And now for the song that was only 17 places away from winning the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s Dizzy"

His performance in Malmo, Sweden at the competition featured impressive staging, which used camera angles to make it look like he and his dancers were upside down.

At Luton, he shifted his approach to more emotional with less dancing while the music video played in the background and was cheered by the crowd.

Alexander also told the crowd: “Listen, listen, I don’t know how to tell you how good it feels to be back in the UK, doing a show, do you know what this is my first ever show as Olly Alexander.

“I used to be in Years & Years, I used to be Years & Years and now I’m just me.”