Holly Willoughby is set to return to This Morning in the coming weeks after two months away from the ITV show. 

She has been absent from her usual presenting role on ITV's This Morning since July, taking two months off as part of her "usual and planned break over the summer".

It has been a turbulent 2023 for Willoughby and This Morning after Phillip Schofield announced in May he would be stepping down from his role of co-host amid an alleged off-air rift between the pair. 

A week later he then quit ITV completely after he revealed he'd had an affair with a younger male colleague.

The Northern Echo: It has been a turbulent 2023 for Holly Willoughby and This Morning.It has been a turbulent 2023 for Holly Willoughby and This Morning. (Image: PA/ITV)

Willoughby returned briefly following the Schofield drama before taking her summer break.

But Willougby is now due back from her two months off and a new co-host has recently been revealed who will present alongside her.

When will Holly Willoughby be returning to This Morning?

Willoughby is set to return to her role as co-host of This Morning on Monday, September 4.

This will be her first show in nearly two months, with her last appearance being on Thursday, July 6.

Her return to ITV comes despite recent rumours she may be considering a move to the BBC.

Who will co-host This Morning with Holly Willoughby?

Alison Hammond, who along with Dermot O'Leary has handled most of the presenting duties in Willoughy's absence, will co-host alongside Willoughby upon her return it has been revealed. 

The pair have co-hosted together on a number of occasions previously and according to the MailOnline, a source said ITV bosses believe the duo to be "the dream team".

The source, speaking to the MailOnline, said: "To ITV bosses, Holly and Alison are the dream team and it is also what Holly wanted and that is very important to those high up because they don't want to lose her.

"It shows how much Holly means business when it comes to saving This Morning from the trauma it has endured since the whole Schofield scandal. She is determined to keep things going."

Hammond will co-host This Morning with Willoughby on Monday and Tuesday (September 4 and 5), before Craig Doyle steps in for two days on Wednesday and Thursday.

Hammond will then return for her usual Friday slot with O'Leary.

Holly Willoughby set for pay rise upon return to This Morning

A new co-host is not the only thing that will be changing upon Willoughby's return to the show. 

According to The Sun, Willoughby is also set for a major pay rise, which will see her salary increase from £700,00 to £1 million a year. 

The Sun said ITV bosses are happy to give her salary a bit of a boost to reflect "her key role since co-host Phillip Schofield’s dramatic exit".

A TV source, speaking to the news outlet, said: "Holly’s pay deal is up for negotiation in a few months so they are ­putting together a lucrative package that will reflect her added responsibility without Phil, and they are prepared to go up to £1million a year.

“Holly is at the heart of the show’s future and success and ITV execs want her to steer a steady ship out of a rocky year.

“It’ll be a strong start with Alison, kicking off as a dream team."

This Morning set for 'relaunch' upon Holly Willoughby's return

The Sun also reveal ITV chiefs are looking to inject around £250,000 to "relaunch" This Morning when Willoughby returns to the show on September 4.

The re-launch will see This Morning wheel out some big-name guests combined with some "added glitz" and giveaways.

The TV source added: “They are giving the show a massive push with really positive, fun stories, nothing dark or depressing.

“Producers will splash the cash on showbiz guests, and exclusive human interest stories.

“Viewers can expect lots of glitz and glamour. But Holly will definitely be the jewel in their crown.”