Wednesday marked National Kitten Day and to celebrate, readers of The Northern Echo have been sharing pictures of their feline friends in their youth.

A health warning that the following images are incredibly cute:


(Image: Amber Geldard) Amber Geldard shared this picture of Gizmo as a kitten. Gizmo is very focused on the ball on a string.

Meg and Kosh

(Image: Lizzie Elstob) Lizzie Elstob shared this picture of her two cats as kittens. 

"Meg will be 15 next month but Kosh sadly died at the beginning of this year," she said.


(Image: Jill Gray) This very charming picture of Smokey was sent in by Jill Gray.


(Image: Kerry Elmer) Kerry's kitten Freya is very tiny in this picture!


(Image: Ruth Kershaw) Kevin, sent in by reader Ruth Kershaw, has struck a delightful pose.

Arthur and Merlin

(Image: Maria Walker) Check out these tiny wizards!

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Ronald Weasley

(Image: Carly Bates) This kitten starred in a wizarding world - his portrait was sent in by our reader, Carly Bates.


(Image: Mandy Ross) Mandy Ross' Tybalt was a little shy here, but we think the plant pot suits them!

Ozzy and Monty

(Image: Lisa Armstrong) This pair are very curious!

Blue and Smudge

(Image: Carol Bradley) This picture of a pair of kittens was sent to us by Carol Bradley.


(Image: Deb Robson) Deb Robson's Persian cat Harley is a very distinguished kitten.


(Image: Kayley Carter) Kayley Carter's little kitten Dottie is very much enjoying the sunbathing session here!

Misty and Mavis

(Image: Nadine Keedy) These two packaged kittens are Misty and Mavis - their picture was sent in by reader Nadine Keedy.