Middlesbrough primary schools have been praised for “setting brilliant standards” after more than a dozen got the thumbs up from Ofsted.

The 13 primary schools inspected in Middlesbrough since September 2023 were rated ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ – meaning 95 per cent now fall into the top two Ofsted categories.

Cllr Philippa Storey, Deputy Mayor and Executive Member for Education at Middlesbrough Council said the inspections during this academic year showed how the primaries were doing a brilliant job of inspiring the town’s children.

The round-up below sets out what inspectors said about the Middlesbrough primary schools they’ve visited this academic year.

Acklam Whin Primary School - Good

There are positive relationships between staff and pupils, Ofsted found. Inspectors said that pupils understand the school’s motto of ‘Respect, Responsible, Safe’.

Berwick Hills Primary School - Good

Ofsted said the core values of the school, “including respect, responsibility and kindness”, are clear to see. Pupils feel safe and happy, inspectors said, and enjoy coming to school.

Corpus Christi RC Primary School - Good

Staff have high expectations for all pupils academically and socially, Ofsted said. Pupils show keenness to succeed and behaviour in school is calm.

Linthorpe Community Primary School – Outstanding

“Inspirational and thriving” Linthorpe was rated as Outstanding in all five areas of inspection. Pupils told inspectors it was a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to attend the school.

River Tees Academy Primary – Good

Inspectors found pupils at the alternative provision school “well placed to learn”. The report said the “ambitious curriculum” is designed to equip children with the core knowledge they need to succeed in mainstream schools.

Sacred Heart Primary School - Good

Sacred Heart “has high expectations for pupils”, inspectors found. The school is “constantly seeking opportunities for pupils to broaden their horizons, widen their experiences and build their aspirations”.

St Bernadette’s RC Primary School - Good

Pupils’ behaviour at St Bernadette’s is exemplary, Ofsted’s report said. Inspectors found that pupils “treat each other with respect and kindness”.

St Edward's RC Primary School - Good

Classrooms at St Edward’s are “purposeful and focused”, Ofsted said. The report highlighted how the school has “designed a curriculum that prepares pupils well for their future education”.

St Gerard's RC Primary School - Good

“A haven of calm for pupils” is how inspectors described St Gerard’s. There are high expectations and the children feel “loved and cared for”.

St Thomas More RC Primary School - Good

Inspectors found St Thomas More to be a “welcoming and inclusive” school. There is a strong sense of belonging shared by pupils, staff and leaders, Ofsted said.

Sunnyside Academy - Good

Sunnyside is a “highly inclusive and caring school”. Ofsted highlighted how it is a “regional point of strength” in the teaching of pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities.

Thorntree Academy - Good

Ofsted said Thorntree Academy pupils believed “they can do anything they want to in later life”. The school’s ‘Future You’ programme was praised for the way it raises students’ aspirations.

Priory Woods School – Outstanding

One parent quoted by Ofsted said Priory Woods “is a truly wonderful environment that enriches the lives of not only the children who attend the school but the parents as well”.

Cllr Storey said: “Teachers, pupils and support staff in our incredible primary schools are setting brilliant standards.

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“It has been an academic year of incredibly positive Ofsted inspections and the outcomes should leave everyone in our town feeling hugely proud.

“I’d like to congratulate everyone involved - the students, teachers and parents - and thank Council staff for the support they offer to all Middlesbrough schools.

“We’re working to build a successful and ambitious town and the education we provide really is at the heart of that. Having 95% of primaries rated ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding’ puts us ahead of the national curve and shows our young people are getting an excellent start to their learning.”

All Ofsted reports can be found here.