A vintage car show saw vehicles from the 1940s line the streets of a North Yorkshire town.

The Northallerton Vintage Extravaganza event was held on Sunday (June 30) showcasing a wide variety of vehicles from the period.

Attendees were able to take in the sights of the classic cars and military vehicles, as well as enjoy swing music from the era.

Some eventgoers decked themselves out in clothes from the era – with outfits ranging from civilian styles to military uniforms.

The event also featured swing dance performances, which guests were invited to take part in.

Alex Shennib, 25, bid manager at Northallerton BID and organiser of the event, said the day had been “fantastic.”

He said the event had been held the previous year and before Covid, and this year’s show saw a large section of road closed off for even more vehicles and activities.

He estimated thousands of people took part in the event but said they did not have exact figures on the number of attendees.

The road closure stretched from Zetland Street to the Durham Ox junction.

He said: “By all accounts, it was better. More successful, more popular, we haven’t got football figures as of yet, but just by looking around, it seemed busier.

“All in all, it was a safe and successful event, which is the important thing, and people enjoyed it.

“It’s for an increase in footfall on a historically quiet day, Sunday being the quietest day usually in Northallerton.

“Thank you to everyone that came, we hope you had a great time. Thank you to all of the exhibitors who came down and gave up their time to show their amazing vehicles off.

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“We love welcoming people to Northallerton, it’s a great place and we hope people come back and continue to support the fantastic businesses along the high street and Northallerton.”

Mr Shennib said figures from previous events show between 5,000 and 10,000 visitors attend these events.

Northallerton BID hosts three main events throughout the year, with their next, a street circus, slated for August 4.