A popular North East sweet shop has announced it 'cannot continue' and will be closing its doors this week.

JJ’s Sweet Surprise, located in Hillstreet Shopping Centre in Middlesbrough, has said it plans to close on Wednesday (July 3) – but could shut its doors sooner depending on when its stock is cleared.

The business owners said they had taken the decision due to “personal and business needs.”

They thanked the customers for helping them establish their business, but added all “good things must come to an end.”

They said: "It is with deep regret that I announce that JJ's Sweet Surprise will be closing down.

“Due to personal and business needs, I cannot continue with the business anymore.

“I have loved having the business and running the shop, but good things must come to an end.

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“Thank you to our customers and staff who made us become who we are now.

“If it wasn't for you lot, we wouldn't have lasted this long. All stock, fixtures, and fittings must go.”

The Northern Echo have contacted JJ’s Sweet Surprise for more information on the closure.