Jamie Lambert, popular member of band Collabro and Olivier Award-nominated producer, is set to perform a solo show at Sunderland's Fire Station on November 19.

The show forms part of a tour promoting his debut solo album, "What I Was Made For" - a personal project due for release in September.

Mr Lambert said: "I am so incredibly excited to release What I Was Made For.

"It's basically me in an album.

"I've spent the last six months working hard with Westway and Ben Robbins to put something together that I feel really proud of."

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His journey into solo music promises to showcase his vocal prowess, with the album featuring renditions of songs he holds dear.

Neil O’Brien, managing director of Westway Music said: "We’re thrilled to have signed Jamie and to be releasing his debut solo album.

"He has a stunning voice, and this album is going to be a treat for all his and Collabro’s fans worldwide."

Lambert's show at The Fire Station is certainly a highlight for North East music lovers who have supported his journey from being part of Britain's Got Talent-winning act, Collabro, through to his promising solo career.