The Liberal Democrats have unveiled their election manifesto which Sir Ed Davey says will provide a "fair deal" for the country.

But what does the manifesto say about the North East?

The Northern Echo has gone through the document, picking out the policy areas that make reference to the region.

The manifesto does not specifically reference the "north east", but includes references to the Northern Powerhouse Rail, which could directly impact the North East.

(Image: PA Images)

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The rail project, if completed, would pass through Darlington, Durham, and Newcastle.

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The document commits to "Delivering Northern Powerhouse Rail to connect cities across the North of England".

The manifesto also supports the further electrification of Britain's rail network as well as station improvements and increasing disabled access with a pledge to: "Significantly extend the electrification of Britain’s rail network, improve stations, greatly improve disabled access, reopen smaller stations and deliver Northern Powerhouse rail."

As an Abba classic played at the manifesto launch in London, Sir Ed urged voters to “Take A Chance” on him.

The manifesto features a “four-stage roadmap” for the UK’s relationship with its European neighbours after Brexit, promising to take the country back into the single market.