A former North East publican has celebrated her 100th birthday in a care home where pints flow aplenty.

Evelyn Ainsworth used to pull pints at the Steam Packet pub in the St Hilda’s area of Middlesbrough, but she’s still raring to give it go at the care home she now lives in, which boasts its very own bar.

Middlesborough Grange Care Home boasts its own barMiddlesborough Grange Care Home boasts its own bar (Image: SHAEFER PR)

Born in 1924, Evelyn celebrated reaching her centenary year at Middlesbrough Grange Care Home on Netherfields Crescent with a tea party.

So many guests arrived to share the special day with Evelyn, that the care home’s bar, which residents call The Netherfields Arms, was not big enough to accommodate them all.

The momentous occasion saw staff, residents, and Evelyn’s family invited to enjoy the festivities which included an Abba tribute act.

Some of Evelyn’s family members even came all the way from Australia to celebrate with her, whilst others who couldn’t make it sent along congratulatory video messages.

At 100, Evelyn heads a huge family of five generations – besides her four children and nine grandchildren, she also has 19 great-grandchildren, and seven great-great grandchildren.

Blowing out her candles on her birthday cake, Evelyn said: “It was lovely to see so many members of my family and it was nice to share my birthday with the residents and staff who have all been very generous with their gifts.”


But it wasn’t just her friends and family who sent their well-wishes – Buckingham Palace sent their very best regards to Evelyn on her birthday too.

“Receiving a card from King Charles and Camilla was especially nice, everyone has made such a fuss of me,” she said.

Even after her official retirement, Evelyn continued to work part-time behind a bar for several years, and she says there’s nothing stopping her from manning the bar again.

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“I could still get up and pull a few pints if I needed to,” she laughed.

Amanda Richardson, Home Manager at Middlesbrough Grange Care Home said: “It was a fantastic afternoon of celebrations for such a special lady.

“Evelyn doesn’t look anywhere close to being 100, so we’re hoping to celebrate many more birthdays with her at Middlesbrough Grange.”