Residents have reacted negatively after it was confirmed a busy County Durham road will undergo 14 weeks of resurfacing and refurbishment works.

Durham County Council has confirmed the works will be undertaken on North Road in Durham on June 23.

They said the project will see the removal of temporary bus stops, repairing of existing pedestrian guardrails, and refurbishing of footpaths and street furniture.

They added North Road, including Crossgate Peth and towards Milburngate roundabout, will be resurfaced.

Residents have criticised the plans and reacted to the news with disappointment.

One resident said: “This is Durham. The council is a disaster, takes longer to do anything and always the wrong time for the works. What a disaster.”

Another resident said: “So much for the great, modern day worker. It didn't take 14 weeks to lay the M1 in 1959, and they only got paid £12 a week.

While another resident said: “Shouldn't have let Durham’s roads get this bad.

“At least the Moon has an excuse for its craters!”

The council confirmed street lighting equipment, used project images and patterns onto pavements, will also be installed during the works.

They added new lamppost banners to promote festivals and events will also be installed.

Work to refurbish a gateway to Durham City will begin next month.

Cllr John Shuttleworth said: "North Road is the gateway to the historic city of Durham and is the first area many visitors see if they arrive by bus or train.

"The enhancements are the final stage of works that have already delivered the new Durham Bus Station and we want to take this opportunity to regenerate North Road and give it a more modern and welcoming first impression.

"The work will reinforce Durham's standing as a thriving place to visit; helping attract residents, visitors and shoppers to the city and supporting our independent businesses."

The works will be carried out in two phases, with the first beginning opposite the bus station, working upward towards North Road roundabout.

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The council said this will take around seven weeks to complete – and added buses will be required to right our of the station, while there will be restricted access to vehicles between 9am and 5pm

They added the second phase will start from the bus station towards Crossgate Perth for a further seven weeks – and buses will only be able to turn left out of the station.

Select bus services will run revised routes during the works, and notices will be provided to show any changes to journeys.