A short film made in the North East has reached top spot on a global video-on-demand platform.

Eve Valentine made it to the number one slot in the horror section of  Shortly, which promotes short films, just over a week after it was released - and it's still there.

The film is the latest horror short from award-winning County Durham director Dean Midas.

It is one of a number of accolades for the low-budget film, shot entirely in County Durham.

The Northern Echo: Dean Midas filming a scene for Eve ValentineDean Midas filming a scene for Eve Valentine (Image: DEAN MIDAS)

Eve Valentine was also singled out at an American online film festival on Sunday, April 28, with feedback from one reviewer stating: "This has to be one of the best-looking uses of locations I've ever seen in an indie film."

The good news kept coming for Dean and his team when the owner of Ghost Planet Network, an exclusive channel on the Roku platform, contacted Mr Midas to ask for copies of his films. Roku has a potential audience of 120 million around the world.

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Dean, from Willington, said: "This has been an amazing week, but I couldn't have made this film without my amazing cast, world class musicians Sam Haynes, Jenna Louise, Bronnie and Kaia Jette and the breathtaking locations, The Manor House Hotel, Willington AFC and The Treehouse at Poppy's Patch. I can't thank them all enough."

The Northern Echo: Dean Midas uses locations throughout the North East for his short horror filmsDean Midas uses locations throughout the North East for his short horror films (Image: DEAN MIDAS)

Dean makes all of his films on his mobile phone and focuses on showcasing North East locations and actors.

You can watch Eve Valentine (Rated 15) on YouTube at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWBsDda2wJg&t=51s