The closure of a Darlington pub and club has sparked nostalgia after former patrons shared their memories of the venue.

It was announced over the weekend that Hoskins pub on Blackwellgate in Darlington had closed down for good.

Following the announcement, the establishment's closure has generated a flood of memories, with many residents reminiscing about the good old days when the pub was known as Humphrys or the County.

The Northern Echo: Hoskins in DarlingtonHoskins in Darlington (Image: GOOGLE MAPS)

We asked Northern Echo readers to share their favourite memories of Hoskins, alongside memories of when it was known by previous names throughout the years, with many expressing their fondness for the pub in its heyday in the 70s and 90s.

"Used to love this pub when it was the County, it was always packed," Denise Chapman remarked.

Meanwhile, Abigail Whitmarsh Shepherd reminisced about Humphrys cocktails she enjoyed in the 90s.

Several people recalled how the establishment was always bustling with patrons.

According to Catherine Adan: "I'm showing my age but yes it was packed when it was Humphrys".

The sentiment was echoed by Julie Hunter-Bennett: "Loved Humphrys, used to be a queue at front for entry and a queue at the side door for entry. Going to the toilet for a pee and getting served was a nightmare, it was always that packed.

While many fondly remembered the past, others expressed hopes for future improvements.

Carolanne Tulloch noted that the pub's closure could be a great opportunity for a forward-thinking company to renovate and innovate: "A nice addition to the Grange Road Imperial Quarter will be welcomed."

The Northern Echo: Hoskins announced its closure over the weekendHoskins announced its closure over the weekend (Image: GOOGLE MAPS)

Mark Hawlor agreed, expressing hope that the establishment would undergo refurbishment and resurface with a brighter look.

Meanwhile, several patrons have their favourite memories tied to specific nights at the establishment.

Andrew Brown said: "Karaoke on a Thursday in the early 90s was the start of the weekend.

"Bar on both sides, great times."

Other locals remembered the simpler times of cheap and cheerful lunches which Louise Richmond said were "perfect during a trip into town for shopping."

The closure of Hoskins has prompted some locals to reflect on the current state of affairs.

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For example, Keith McCarthy commented on the shift in local priorities leading to the closure: "The council has decided to prioritise pubs, bars, and restaurants to the deficit of retail shops and the indoor market."

Whether it was Humphries, the County, or even Hoskins, the closure of the venue has not just marked the end of an era but also ignited hope for a new beginning with some happy echoes of the past still ringing inside the vacant pub.

With the future of the establishment uncertain, what is sure is that it will remain a cherished piece of the community's history, no matter what comes next.