The Hoskins, a well-known pub in Darlington, has announced its sudden closure.

Posting on social media, the pub management said: "That’s all Folks!! We would like to thank all who have visited us over the years.

"The reality has hit, and it’s time to call it a day. The Hoskins is no more. We wish the new owners of the building the best of luck. The builders have moved in.

"Thank you all for the incredible memories, Team Hoskins."

The Northern Echo: A Google search shows pub is 'permanently closed'A Google search shows pub is 'permanently closed' (Image: Google)The pub is well-known among revellers in Darlington, many of whom visit the venue, before going on to the town's many nightclubs. 

Hoskins, formerly called Humphrys, was renamed after Darlington's greatest and most distinctive architect GG Hoskins.

Writing at the time of the name change in September 2009, The Northern Echo's chief feature writer Chris Lloyd said: "For once this is a totally appropriate pub name change.The Northern Echo: The Hoskins, Darlington

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The Northern Echo:

"Opposite the Hoskins is one of Hoskins's most attractive works: Lloyds bank, or the North of England School Furnishing Company showroom, which he built in 1895.

"Before it was Humphrys (if we're doing proper use of language, there should surely have been an apostrophe in there somewhere), it was the County. And before it was the County, it was the Black Bull."

The Northern Echo has messaged manager Helen Douglas for more information.