The Met Office is predicting lots of light rain, strong winds and clouds in Darlington today.

The rain should finish by mid-afternoon and be completely gone by evening.

Temperatures are expected to stay steady at 8C all day.

Along with the light rain you can expect strong winds throughout the day. The strongest gusts will be 41mph in the afternoon.

There will be highs of 9C and lows of 5C, with the sun due to set at 20:10pm.

Here’s a full hour-by-hour forecast for Darlington today:

9am: 5C with 20% chance of rain

10am: 7C with 30% chance of rain

11am: 6C with 40% chance of rain

12pm: 8C with 10% chance of rain

1pm: 8C with 40%  chance of rain

2pm: 8C with 30%  chance of rain

3pm: 8C with 30%  chance of rain

4pm: 9C with 10% chance of rain

5pm: 8C with 40% chance of rain

6pm: 7C with 50%  chance of rain

7pm: 6C with 10% chance of rain

8pm: 6C with 10% chance of rain

9pm: 6C with 10% chance of rain

10pm: 6C with 10% chance of rain

11pm: 6C with 10% chance of rain

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A Met Office spokesperson said: "A day of showers interspersed with some bright spells.

"Showers turning heavy at times with the odd rumble of thunder and a risk of hail. Feeling cold, especially in the strong winds.

"Showers will gradually fade through the evening becoming largely dry inland overnight, although showers are expected to continue to affect coastal areas. Remaining windy overnight."