Many buildings earn critical acclaim for their beauty and stunning architecture. Others? Not so much. Some can even gain notoriety for their ugliness - including here in the North East.

The North East is lucky to hold many bold and striking architecture, that either remind us of times gone by or evoke the pressing nature of the future.

However, some buildings in the region are perceived as ugly by locals who would even go as far as to call them eye sores and shun their existence.

Here are just five of the ugliest buildings in the region according to locals - which is the ugliest in your opinion?

Northgate House, Darlington

A popular pick on this list is Northgate House in Darlington.

The dilapidated building features smashed windows which is a hotspot for anti-social behaviour, including police appealing to youths to stop free running on the 131ft building’s roof.

The nine-storey building was built in 1976 and once housed government agencies.

The Northern Echo: Northgate House, Darlington.Northgate House, Darlington. (Image: GOOGLE MAPS)

Auckland Tower, Bishop Auckland

A rather new addition to the region, Auckland Tower opened in 2018 but appears to not be so popular.

The tower was opened as the latest attraction by the Auckland Project and was designed by architect Niall McLaughlin to reflect the history of the town.

In 2024, Bishop Auckland was nominated for a Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) North East Award which includes a nod to the tower.

The Northern Echo: Auckland Tower, Bishop Auckland.Auckland Tower, Bishop Auckland. (Image: GOOGLE MAPS)

The Redcar Beacon, Redcar

In 2023, the beacon made it onto the list of the ugliest buildings in the whole of the UK - and it doesn't seem to be too popular with locals either.

Sticking above Redcar, the structure has been called 'disgusting' and 'an eyesore' - while some others called it a 'significant' building for the North East.

The structure was closed at points in 2022 following worries that teenagers could injure themselves after climbing over the railings on the top of it.

The Northern Echo: The Redcar Beacon.The Redcar Beacon. (Image: NORTHERN ECHO)

Vinovium House, Bishop Auckland

The office space of Vinovium House has been noted by locals to be rather ugly.

The eight-storey building, which was built in the 1970s, has views across the town from its top floor.

The Northern Echo: Vinovium House, Bishop Auckland.Vinovium House, Bishop Auckland. (Image: GOOGLE MAPS)

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Crook Civic Centre, Crook

The civic centre holds offices for Durham County Council, a registry office, a library as well as the Coroners' Court.

However, despite the fact it boasts views across the town from its fourth (and top) floor it has been picked out by some residents to be ugly.

The Northern Echo: Crook Civic Centre.Crook Civic Centre.