A North Yorkshire primary school aims to boost the well-being of pupils by innovative use of play as a learning tool.

The outdoors will become the classroom for pupils at Stokesley Primary Academy with the addition of specially designed playground markings to engage pupils of all ages.

The fun activities have been made possible through a grant from Broadacres Housing Association’s community development fund, with pupils given the chance to decide how the money should be spent.

For early years pupils a version of the classic 'What Time Is It Mr Wolf' game with painted footprints and other markings proved a popular choice and will help with phonics, maths as well as physical activity.

The Northern Echo: Childrenat Stokesley Primary Academy  with one of the playground markings

Meanwhile, the older children went for an exercise wheel to keep them active during break time and help with the warm-up for PE and sports lessons.

Megan Wrightson, Secretary of Friends of Stokesley Primary Academy, said the old playground markings had become worn to the point of being unusable.

“We are very keen to encourage children to enjoy being outdoors and boosting their physical and social well-being,” said Megan.

“Play can be a very effective learning tool and this is something we are keen to develop.”

The Friends group was set up last year and has already run a series of fundraising activities ranging from coffee mornings, Christmas jumper sales and book fairs.

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“Our aim is to enrich the lives of children at the school and thanks to the support of Broadacres this playground improvement will help us to do that.”

The Broadacres Community Development Fund supports local organisations, groups, and projects in areas where Broadacres has homes. All grants are approved a panel consisting of Broadacres’ residents.

To apply to the Fund visit https://www.broadacres.org.uk/customer-area/getting-involved/community-development-fund/