Police are investigating after a mobility scooter was stolen from a town square and vandalised.

Officers from North Yorkshire Police are looking into the circumstances surrounding the theft, which saw the scooter stolen from College Square in Stokesley and then abandoned and vandalised down an alleyway off Stokesley High Street two days later.

The scooter, a Tja Mini-Mo model, was stolen at some point between 4pm and 6pm on Wednesday, March 27 and found on 29 March.

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Police are appealing for any sightings of the scooter after 4pm on March 27 until March 29 2024 and for any CCTV coverage of the scooter being used in suspicious circumstances after the theft.

The police force is urging people to get in touch by emailing Fiona.Wilding@northyorkshire.police.uk if anyone could help with the investigation.

Alternatively, people can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or via their website - by quoting reference 12240054068 when passing on information.