A multi-award-winning spa based in County Durham plan to launch a brand new facility next month (April).

Ramside Spa is inviting guests to take the plunge with the opening of a new facility aimed at lowering stress, boosting energy and improving wellbeing.

The Spa at Ramside is installing a Frigidarium, which is a cold bathing experience that can be used as a quick plunge after using the heat facilities, swimming or hydrotherapy pools.

The Frigidarium plunge pool is also designed to be a sharing experience for up to six guests.

The Northern Echo: The plunge pool will be built next to the Hydrotherapy pool (pictured)

The new facility is being fitted in the area close to the hydrotherapy area at the spa, which is based at Ramside Hall Hotel, Golf and Spa on the outskirts of Durham city centre.

Fay Pratt, Spa Director at Ramside Spa, said: “This is a great addition to the spa “Using a plunge pool can lower stress levels, improve concentration and focus, aid the reduction in muscle soreness and boost energy levels.

“It’s great for post-workout recovery by helping to regular the heartbeat and kickstarting the body’s recover process.

“We believe this is the perfect addition to our facilities and one which our spa users will really appreciate.”

The plunge pool sits at a temperature of 5 degrees C and guests are recommended to start with short sessions of two to five minutes, building up to no longer than ten minutes.

When using the pool users will be told to breathe deeply and slowly which will also help induce a feeling of calm.

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Anyone wanting to use the plunge pool will be advised to start with a sauna or steam experience in one of Ramside Spa’s four heat room before taking the cold plunge.

The spa also recommended a post-dip therapeutic massage after using the Frigidarium which can help reduce muscle aches and reduce inflammation.

Ramside Spa introduce brand new cold-bathing experience this April and use of the Frigidarium is available to members or anyone on a spa day or spa break.

For further information visit www.ramsidespa.co.uk.