Two siblings from Durham were astonished to find that they inherited an 18th-century farmhouse in the Welsh countryside. 

Featured on last night's Key to a Fortune (on Channel 4 on Sunday, 5.20pm) Pam and Lawrence from Durham are taken aback when they discover they are the rightful inheritors of a beautiful 18th-century farmhouse in Wales.

After being tracked down by a team of inheritance experts, Pam and Lawrence make the journey down to Wales to see the property for the first time with trusted property presenter Jean Johansson by their side.

The Northern Echo: Pam and Lawrence.

As they turn the final corner coming face to face with their new house Jean announces: “This is your property”.

The surprised pair took in their brand new property momentarily before Lawrence broke the stunned silence: “Well, it needs a bit of work”.

The duo took a closer look at the farmhouse, agreeing that it had immense potential.

The Northern Echo: The inherited farmhouse.

In Sunday's programme, Lawrence said: “It’s not that bad really, you know it’s still standing, it’s got a roof on. It just wants a bit of care doesn’t it?” he says.

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The house was left to Lawrence and Jean by a previously unknown relative Mary. 

Jean said: “Having only recently learned of the existence of Mary, everything about this property and its owner is still a mystery."

Key to a Fortune is produced by Crackit TV.