Three young people have had their efforts to support a community action day recognised by the housing association which arranged the event.

As part of its latest community action day in Northallerton, Broadacres provided skips for local people to be able to get rid of bulky items for free.

In the village of Brompton, near Northallerton, three children – Lucas Troy, Jake Holmes and Preston Edwards – took it upon themselves to help their neighbours.

The Northern Echo: From left, Jake, Lucas and Preston outside their homes in Brompton

This included knocking on doors to see if people had items to put in the skip and then carrying them to the skip, assisting people in getting items out of their cars and breaking things down to make more room in the skip.

In recognition of their efforts, the three friends, who live in Broadacres’ homes in Hilton Green and Hilton Close, have each received a personal letter from along with a Love to Shop voucher.

Bekk Ann Cooper, mum of nine-year-old Lucas, said: “It started with Lucas seeing what I wanted to put in the skip and then he went to his auntie and grandmother’s houses close by and spiralled from there.

“He loves to keep busy, so this was perfect for him. I was a very proud mum.”

Hollie Hutchinson, mum of 12-year-old Jake, said: “He has always been a very helpful child who likes to be hands on, but it was lovely to see him get so involved and for the street to come together in this way.”

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Laura Edwards, mum of ten-year-old Preston, said: “Knocking on people’s doors was a big thing for Preston because he is quite shy, so I am very proud of him.”

Andy Powell, Broadacres’ Customer Experience Director, said: “Colleagues involved in the community action day who saw the three boys in action commented on how polite, friendly, and helpful they were.

“They were really taking pride in the area that they live in and are a credit to their parents and the wider community.”