A Newcastle army veteran is overjoyed at winning £166,666 in the People's Postcode Lottery.

Alan, a former Coldstream Guardsman, nearly cancelled his ticket as he is moving homes.

He fully intended to stop playing at the house he had sold and sign back up when he bought a new one.

Alan said: "I almost cancelled my ticket.

"I was going to cancel my ticket and renew it wherever I end up. Thank goodness I didn't.

"I've got to be out by 2pm tomorrow and I'm basically packing up the house now because I need a new start. This has helped give me that."

The dad-of-one was planning to move in with his nephew while he looked for properties but he has always dreamed of a log cabin in the Northumberland countryside.

He added: "I put my house on the market last September before it sold in eight or nine weeks. I couldn't believe it was so quick. I'm moving into my nephew's and have a lot of viewings to go to.

"I can't take this in. I thought after getting the phone call that it might be £2,000 or £10,000 at the most.

"I've always wanted to go out and get a log cabin in Northumberland. Who knows! I also told my son I'll sort him out. A holiday in Turkey or the Greek island of Skiathos would be good, too."

"I'll be packing up for the rest of the day, so I'll go out tomorrow and have a nice meal and drink to celebrate. My legs won't belong to me!"

Alan shared the £1m jackpot with five neighbours in Newcastle after NE5 4BA landed the weekly Millionaire Street prize. Each ticket was worth £166,666.

Claire, Alan's next door neighbour, was persuaded to sign up by her mum last year and she was presented with the check on her mum's birthday.

She said: "I signed up a year ago. My mum made me because she plays too - and it's her birthday today.

"I got rid of my car during COVID and never got another one. This means I'll be able to get the kids out and about a bit more. I love Turkey, I could take the kids there or Disney in America.

"I'll definitely treat my mum and dad, and my sister and her family as well. They all deserve a treat. I've got an amazing family, they're always there for me."

Anthony, a trucker who lives further along the street, was called and told to pull over by his wife Christine to get the wonderful news.

Teaching assistant Christine couldn't believe it when she got the news.

She said: "Oh my God, I'm so happy! 

"This is unbelievable. I thought it might be £20,000 and that would have been lovely. This is wonderful, but it doesn't feel real just yet.

"I didn't get any sleep last night. My husband was snoring and I was tossing and turning. Things like this don't happen to people like us.

"I'll be getting a new bathroom definitely. And I'll landscape my garden - front and back.

"I want to help our son, daughter and grandchildren and do things for them, make sure they're alright. It's nice to be able to do that.

"I'd love to go to the Maldives. I'd like to do a big family holiday where everyone goes away together. I just want to share it with them."

Even further down the road Tom and Anne plan to use their winnings for a trip to Mexico.

Anne, who has MS, had to sit down after seeing her winning amount, said: "Eeee! My God! Look at that. We can go back to Mexico. We've only been once, but we loved it.

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"We're both not in good health, but we're going to enjoy this. We're going to have a few holidays. I can spend, I'm a very good spender."

Retired taxi driver Tom laughed, "I'll not see much of it, that's the problem."

The couple now plan to support their two daughters and four grandchildren.