There has been yet another sighting of the Darlington deer, this time not at the primary school it was seen at before but the Dolphin Centre in town.

Mike Lee, a Darlington resident, was walking back to his car after a morning gym session when he met the deer.

He had reached the point where Beaumont Street curves round to the left going down towards Feethams when he spotted it.

When they made eye contact the deer tried to stop and skidded before falling over.

It took 30 seconds for the animal to recover from the fall and then it headed down South Arden Street towards Victoria Road.

Mr Lee described it as being the same size as a "large goat".

He said: "After leaving the Dolphin Centre at approx 07.45am, I was walking back to my parked car and reached the point where Beaumont Street curves round to the left going down towards Feethams.  

"That was where a deer suddenly appeared at full gallop around the corner.

"When it saw me it slammed on its brakes but then skidded on the pavement and fell over with it’s hooves sliding along the smooth surface.

"It recovered after about 30 seconds and then crossed the road heading down South Arden Street towards Victoria Road.

"I'm sure it will be the same one that is about the size of a large goat and it did take me a minute or so to realise what it was as its something you don’t normally see in the town centre."

A deer has been reportedly seen at St Augustine's Primary School on Beechwood Avenue twice in the last week. 

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At the school children are being kept away from the animal to try not to scare it.

Staff were given the following guidance by the RSPCA: "It is a wild animal which means it has the freedom to go where it wants.

"Deer can jump 6ft-7ft fences which is how it is moving out and about."