The inquisitive deer that disrupted playtime at a Darlington Primary School yesterday has re-appeared this afternoon.

Yesterday (February 5) the animal was seen rooting around in the shrubs on the edge of St Augustine's school grounds. 

Today another sighting has been confirmed and the school has sought guidance from the RSPCA.

The school confirmed that yesterday the deer did not get onto the school premises.

A statement from the school reads: "There has been another sighting of the deer today in our grounds.

"We have again been on to the RSPCA who have advised the following:

"It is a wild animal which means it has the freedom to go where it wants.

"Deer can jump 6ft-7ft fences which is how it is moving out and about.

"The school is working with Health and Safety in relation to keeping children safe.

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"We are keeping children at a safe distance from the deer.

"We are protecting children, staff and the welfare of the deer.

"A risk assessment has been drawn up. Thank you!"