A 'loving' North Yorkshire cat is still waiting for her forever home after spending over 200 days in an RSPCA shelter in North Yorkshire. 

Josie, aged 5, is described as a "sweet-natured" black and white cat after she arrived at Great Ayton Animal Centre in March 2023.

Her reserved nature - she won’t readily sit on a lap - and her colour are both thought to be contributing factors, as well as the fact she is reportedly "petrified" of men.

The Northern Echo: Josie the cat.Josie the cat. (Image: RSPCA)

In autumn, staff thought they found her a perfect match but she was returned after her owner unfortunately became allergic to her.

Now, staff are hoping sweet Josie can finally find her forever home this year.

Cattery supervisor Beverley Dunn, said: “Josie has stolen our hearts here as she’s a real sweetie who just needs an understanding person to give her a special home.

The Northern Echo: Josie the cat.Josie the cat. (Image: RSPCA)

“Unfortunately, we don't know much about her past, but she seems to be petrified of men and she’s also wary of young children and is thought to have been chased by them in the past. 

“She can be quite shy at first, but once she's gained a bit of confidence around you, she can be such a softie, especially if you happen to have a packet of Dreamies and then she’ll be your best friend for life.


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The Northern Echo: Josie the cat.Josie the cat. (Image: RSPCA)

“We’ve been working hard to gain her trust and she’ll now come over for a fuss but then run off because she’s unsure what’s going to happen next. We think she’ll thrive in a quiet, preferably all female, household with no hustle and bustle, with patient people who are willing to let her settle on her own terms and invest the time into building a bond with her. 

“We appreciate Josie has quite specific requirements but she’s had a rough time in the past and we’re keen to make sure she finds the right home where we’re confident she’ll make someone a wonderful companion she’ll make someone a wonderful companion."

Carers say Josie will need outdoor access and would prefer to be the only pet in the household. She could live with older children who will respect her space and give her time to settle. 

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