Home Bargains will be opening a new store in a County Durham town this weekend.

The discount retailer will open its new £3.5 million store ‘Darlington 3’ in Faverdale, Darlington at 8am on Saturday (February 10).

The business said the store will create 64 jobs for the community – with 60 of these being new hires.

The store will complement the existing Darlington shop and more than 600 outlets across the UK.

Andy Davies, the new Darlington 3 store manager, said: “We have assembled a fantastic team who are working extremely hard to be ready for opening day on the 10th February”.

“As the second location in this vibrant community, we've created over 60 job opportunities, igniting pride and progress among our fellow residents. This store goes beyond mere bricks and shelves; it symbolizes a place where dreams can flourish.

“Everyone is really excited to open what is a fabulous store for the local community to enjoy. “

Home Bargains will also be donating £2,000 to local charity, Farplace Animal Rescue, in Darlington.

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A spokesperson for the centre said: “It is amazing to receive such a generous donation from Home Bargains - our rescue centre helps many animals in the Darlington area and this will help us continue to do more for those animals in great need. 

“We focus on cases that are often rejected by other organisations, like cats who are FIV+ or other animals with existing health conditions, or sometimes just too old for other organisations to consider helping. 

“This donation will support that work with these difficult cases directly.”