A County Durham lollipop man has been praised for his work at the school he works with after entertaining parents and children on the school run.

Michael Clarey, who works at Kirk Merrington Primary School has been handed the title 'lollipop legend' and 'patrol officer superstar', helping pupils and parents across the road. 

The Northern Echo: Michael Clarey, lollipop man at Kirk Merrington Primary SchoolMichael Clarey, lollipop man at Kirk Merrington Primary School (Image: DCC)

While doing his job of safely allowing people to get to school, he plays guitar on his lollipop sign, dances and talks to everyone and anyone he meets. 

Now that he has been praised for his lollipop skills, Durham County Council has put out a video on why Mr Clarey loves his job and why he initially decided to do it. 

Speaking on a video posted by Durham County Council, the lollipop man, who is also the school's caretaker, said: "You know you're doing an important job. You know you're doing something to keep the children safe and that self-satisfaction is great from that point of view. 

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"But I do it around my caretaking role. I think you could do it around any other self-employed role too - they can come and drop off and work around it. 

"Even if I wasn't the caretaker, and I have another role, I would try and do this role because that idea of keeping people safe and making them feel happy."

The video continued with how people can become lollipop men and women - which Durham County Council is encouraging.