PLANS have been submitted to North Yorkshire Council for the erection of a Paladin fence along the Bedale Road frontage of the storage yard to a quirky interiors store.

The site, Simply Dutch, at Darton House, Bedale Road, Leeming Bar, consists of a two-storey showroom with a café to the front of the site.

To the rear of the site is a storage yard which houses a number of storage containers within which stock for the retail use as a furniture showroom is housed.

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The proposals will see the removal of the existing storage container from its current position as required by the extant enforcement notice 21/00209/CAT3.

A new paladin fence with a hedgerow in front adjacent the back of footway on Bedale Road will be erected to secure the site and prevent unauthorised trespass.

It is considered that the principle of the development accords with both national and local planning policy.

The storage yard to the premises occupied by the applicant needs to be secure and as such there is an inherent need to deter and prevent unauthorised access to the site.

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The current storage container acts a visually imposing deterrent to any unauthorised persons seeking to gain access to the storage yard of the applicant.

Clearly, whilst it is effective from a security point of view, it is not particularly aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

As a result of this the Council has served an enforcement notice requiring the removal of the storage container from its current prominent position on site.

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The applicant has also put down various obstacles to discourage drivers from parking vehicles on the hardstanding area in front of the container as a result of concerns in relation to highway safety expressed by the Highway Authority.

It is considered that the proposed new paladin fence with the introduction of a hedgerow in front of it will be much more visually pleasing to passers-by and will enhance the street scene.

At the same time it is considered that the proposals will deliver a sufficiently robust boundary treatment as to deter trespass from Bedale Road into the storage yard.