Signs have gone up revealing the date of Primark’s launch at a popular North East retail park.

Following months of speculation surrounding the retailer’s opening at Teesside Park as more plans are put to Stockton Borough Council (SBC), signs touting a launch this Summer have been put up on Unit 11.

Previously, plans concerning a two-storey extension to the rear with the installation of a mezzanine floor, new shop front, and associated plant and machinery had been submitted to the council.

The plans also include proposals for car parking to the rear and front to include public realm, landscaping and associated infrastructure works.

The Northern Echo: Primark coming to Teesside Park in 2024

The retailing giant was granted permission to extend the former Mothercare unit at the Thornaby retail park ahead of its opening this year.

Plans for a pedestrianised area with a "high quality, usable urban realm" had been "tweaked" to accommodate Primark.

Meanwhile, Nike Unite is also set to move into Teesside Park in 2024, close to the site of the Primark store, as it prepares to set up shop in Unit 12A – the site of the old New Look store. 

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Catherine Furlong, centre director at Teesside Park, said the retailer’s move to the site will create more jobs for the local area.

She said: “We’ve been promising the reveal of even more exciting new brands coming to Teesside Park and I’m so pleased to be able to confirm Nike Unite as one of those.

“Not only will the Nike Unite store bring great sportswear ranges and new experiences for our visitors, but it will also provide job opportunities for the local area. I’m sure this one is going to be hugely popular!”