A grandmother has hit out after her 'magic bag' from a York supermarket contained six loaves of bread and a fruited loaf - that looked as if "someone had sat on it".

Gillian Stowe said she paid £3.09 via her ‘Too Good To Go’ app and stopped at the Morrisons Acomb store on January 22 for one of its magic bags, which the company said "contain a mix of food items that are at risk of going to waste that day".

Referring to the magic bags, Morrisons says on its blog that: "You’ll enjoy £10 worth of food for just £3.09, so you can rustle up a delicious low-cost family feast and stop food going to waste."

Gillian, 68, from Wombleton in North Yorkshire, said she was not expecting prime quality food when she opened the bag at home, but at least enough to make something with.

She said: “The bag comprised six loaves of bread, a fruited loaf that looked as if someone had sat on it, two pastry twists and a bag of dill.

“I was expecting a few crinkly carrots, certainly some vegetables because they’re still good for a few days after.”

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The grandmother passes the store once a week when she looks after her granddaughter who lives in Appleton Roebuck, but also uses Morrisons in Malton for her ‘big shop’.

Gillian said: “I abhor food waste so the concept of selling spare items to prevent landfill is a good one, but how many normal families would delight in six slightly hardening loaves of bread?”

Morrisons said it was the first supermarket to partner with social impact company Too Good to Go in November 2019.

The company said its partnership helps customers on a budget as well as providing a channel to reduce food waste.

A spokesperson for the supermarket chain told The Press: “Given the unpredictable nature of food waste, it can be difficult to know what types of food will be available each day, however we always want to ensure the best customer experience and strive for variety where possible.”

The company gave directions for Too Good To Go’s blog, which suggested that slightly stale bread could be perked up with water and heated for ten minutes or so, as well as offering instructions for making croutons, and recipes for French toast, panzanella, plus bread and butter pudding.