The long-awaited report on the Teesworks site is believed to be published as soon as this afternoon.

The BBC are reporting that the independent review commissioned by the government is "likely to clear the agency behind the re-development of the plant".

This will include the South Tees Development Corporation, its head the Tees Valley mayor Ben Houchen and private sector developers.

An investigation was launched seven months ago in June 2023 after allegations of cronyism and corruption.

All of the claims were vehemently denied by Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen at the time.

The findings were first meant to be published in the summer, then by the end of October and now they are expected this afternoon (January 29).

The Northern Echo:

The BBC stated this morning: "Redcar Steelworks is the biggest brownfield regeneration scheme in the country. 

"However, allegations of wrongdoing have swirled around the site. Criticism has been made about local private property developers being handed a 90% stake in the project.

"Three local authority officers from elsewhere in the country were appointed by the government to investigate the claims.

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"They also looked at decision-making. Now after seven months, it is believed that they found no evidence of corruption, wrongdoing or illegality.

"The findings will come as a relief to the Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen who heads up the South Tees Development Corporation.

"It's thought a government minister will make a parliamentary statement about the report conclusions later today."

The government commissioned the review which is also looking into Tees Valley Combined Authority’s (TVCA) oversight of the South Tees Development Corporation and Teesworks Joint Venture.

TVCA said it has provided more than 700 documents to the panel and answered more than 185 questions.

The Teesport project is aimed at regenerating Redcar’s former SSI steelworks site and is led by Mr Houchen. Middlesbrough MP Andy McDonald previously used parliamentary privilege to allege “industrial-scale corruption” around the Teesworks redevelopment of the former Redcar steelworks.