A woman has been fined in court for failing to demolish her conservatory structure.

Helen Elizabeth-Anne Broughton, 59, of Butterstone Avenue, Hartlepool, appeared in court on January 9 for breaching the notice issued by the Hartlepool Borough Council.

Broughton had failed to follow the terms of the notice, which included removing the first-floor glazed screening, which has created a conservatory, and lowering her fencing.

The notice, enforced under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, also instructed Broughton to restore the land and boundary to their original condition.

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The council claimed these conditions were not met between July 18 and 21, 2023.

Broughton, who was present in court, pleaded guilty to the offence.

She was handed a fine of £40, along with a victim surcharge of £16, and costs amounting to £200. 

The court has arranged a payment plan of £20 per month, starting from January 30, to clear the total balance of £256.