A TikTok rap the mum of murdered Jack Woodley claims one of her son’s killers filmed from his jail cell has been taken down.

Zoey McGill believes Calum Maddison – who was 15 when he knifed her son Jack in the back in 2021 - is the rapper in the short TikTok boasting he can handle his prison term and having a mobile phone while bemoaning losing his court case.

Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in young offenders' institutions and she thinks Maddison, who is serving life for murder, recorded and shared it on the social media platform using a contraband device.

The Echo reported the matter and alerted the Ministry of Justice earlier this week who launched an investigation.

Since then, the video has been removed from the Chinese-owned platform.

This newspaper has also taken the decision to remove the video from a story carried on our website earlier this week.

The Northern Echo: The profile picture on the rapper's TikTok account appears to have been taken in a prison cell.The profile picture on the rapper's TikTok account appears to have been taken in a prison cell. (Image: Contributor)

Zoey McGill said: “I had an email to say the TikTok video has been removed.

“I’m still absolutely fuming at the fact that it was on in the first place.

“I want him given extra time for what he has done.

“He should be back before a judge.”

The identify of the masked rapper in the TikTok is yet to be confirmed but the young man bears physical resemblances of Maddison – such as the ears and hair – as in his police mugshot released after this newspaper successfully challenged a court order giving him anonymity.

The Northern Echo: Maddison's police mugshot when he was arrested.Maddison's police mugshot when he was arrested. (Image: Northumbria Police)

The Northern Echo: The rapper appears to share physical similarities.The rapper appears to share physical similarities. (Image: Contributor)

The username for the account, which remains online despite the video having been removed, is ‘ycizzle’ – the same as an Instagram account with the name ‘C’, thought to stand for Calum.

Lyrics of the rap appeared to refer to being 15 – Maddison’s age when Jack was murdered – and also seem to reference the 17-year minimum jail term he was hand by a judge.

The masked man boasts he can handle the prison term because he is a ‘G’, a street slang term for ‘gangster’. He also seems to bemoan losing his court case and life inside while boasting about having mobile phone.

The Northern Echo: Jack Woodley.Jack Woodley. (Image: Contributor)

He says: “I lost my appeal, I’m stressed.

“Screws on patrol now so I’m chatting on the text.”

Zoey has called for an investigation within the Prison Service to establish whether Maddison – believed to be held at Wetherby young offenders - was able to get access to mobile phone in his cell with access to the internet.

The Northern Echo: Zoey McGill.Zoey McGill. (Image: SARAH CALDECOTT)

She added: “I’m sick of people asking me why kids are doing this to each other. The evidence is right in front of you.

“That video shows what’s going on in the prison system. It shows why we are seeing a massive increase in knife crime. Nothing’s going to change.

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“He should be thinking about what he’s done but he’s there wearing a Versace top.

“There’ll be kids seeing that video who don’t realise who he is or what he did to Jack.

“Kids who want to be someone think that’s the way.

“I recognise him because I sat in court for ten weeks with him. I am 100 per cent sure it is him.”

The Ministry of Justice said an investigation is ongoing.