Drivers are being warned that they are putting lives at risk by parking dangerously and illegally outside schools - as motorists face £1000 in fines.

They face fines, penalty points and even driving bans for inconsiderate parking on zig-zag and double yellow lines, according to council officials. 

The Northern Echo: An example of illegal parkingAn example of illegal parking (Image: MIDDLESBROUGH COUNCIL)

The alert from Middlesbrough Council’s Road Safety team comes as schools and parents gear up for the start of term.

They’re reminding drivers that stopping on zig-zag lines outside a school carries a fine of up to £100 fine while stopping on white zig-zags (near a marked crossing) can lead to a fine and up to three penalty points.

The Northern Echo: Drivers are being warned about illegal parkingDrivers are being warned about illegal parking (Image: MIDDLESBROUGH COUNCIL)

Failure to stop for a school crossing patrol officer attracts a fine of up to £1,000 fine and three penalty points.

Lollipop staff report feeling scared to step out onto the road due to drivers failing to stop, while inconsiderate and illegal parking near schools and crossing points reduces visibility and increases the risk of accidents.

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Councillor Peter Gavigan, Middlesbrough Council’s Executive member for Environment, said: “This kind of behaviour is selfish, completely unnecessary and has the potential to put lives at risk.

“The markings near schools are unambiguous and they’re there for a reason – to keep people safe.

“There’s no excuse for parking on them, and we will be making sure those who do are prosecuted.”