JK’s Bar said it would be closing down ‘voluntarily’ as the bar was facing a possible loss of its licence.

JK’s Bar on Wellington Road, Whitby faced having its licence stripped at a council meeting on Friday (Jan 5) but a joint application by its owners and the police has seen a decision postponed.

Bulent Osman of JK’s Bar told the meeting that the premises would be “voluntarily” closed while the bar is being sold to a new owner.

North Yorkshire Police had applied to have the bar’s licence revoked as they said it had shown a “complete disregard” for the authorities and residents.

The bar has faced numerous complaints from locals and police and last May the council ordered the removal of its premises supervisor.

At the meeting of the council’s licensing sub-committee in Scarborough, lawyers representing JK’s said that its owners were in the process of selling the bar and wanted proceedings adjourned so that the sale could be completed.

Kathryn Pitters, a barrister representing Bulent Osman and JK’s Bar said: “It is a joint application by the police and JK’s Bar to adjourn this hearing by four weeks.

“The basis for this joint application is that JK’s Bar is in the process of being sold to a third party, Northern Bay Hospitality.”

She added that if the sale did go through in the next few weeks, the police had said they would withdraw their proceedings.

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The Northern Echo:

Also attending the meeting, Russell Vickers confirmed to the committee that he was hoping to purchase JK’s Bar.

After deliberating the matter, the chair of the committee, Coun Tim Grogan said: “We are happy to adjourn this matter in terms of the new information that has come to light.

“We are also mindful that Mr Osman says he is going to close the premises throughout this period. We will hold you to that undertaking, Mr Osman.”

Those present agreed to adjourn the meeting for six weeks until Friday, February 16.

Coun Grogan added: “This meeting is about public order and public safety, I don’t mind as long as [the premises] remains closed.”