Arriva have announced a new service with links to Teesside Park, as well as changes to existing services.

The bus operator has said its new service 16 will be providing links to Teesside Park from Ingleby Barwick and Thornaby from January 28.

It added there will also be changes made to services 15, 17 and 17A – adding it plans to improve them and provide new links to key areas.

It also said the service along Oxford Road in Middlesbrough will be improved, while a new hourly service will be deployed along a section of Thornaby Road.

An Arriva spokesperson said: “Arriva North East is making some improvements to existing services and providing new links to key places, following feedback from valued customers and potential new ones during a recent consultation exercise.

“From the above date, there will be new links to Teesside Park from Ingleby Barwick and Thornaby.

“We’re improving the service along Oxford Road in Middlesbrough and introducing a new hourly service along a section of Thornaby Road.”

Service 16

All journeys on Service 16 will continue to Middlesbrough Bus Station up to every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday during the day, while on Sundays the service will be hourly.

It will operate opposite the current Service 15 route – and will operate a circular service in partnership with this service providing residents greater access to Tesco.

A spokesperson said: “Buses will commence from Beckfields Avenue and will operate via Beckfields Shops, Barwick Way, Sober Hall Avenue, Blair Avenue, Tesco, Myton Way, The Rings, Broom Hill Avenue and Lowfields Avenue.

“Within Thornaby, buses will operate via Cunningham Drive, Trenchard Avenue, Thornaby Centre, Baysdale Avenue, Humber Road, Thorntree Road and Westbury Street, before heading to Teesside Park and Middlesbrough.

“This new service will create additional and faster journey opportunities to Middlesbrough also, for residents within Thorntree Road and Westbury Street areas and will combine with Service 15 to retain up to six buses per hour between Westbury Street, Thorntree Road and Thornaby Town Centre.”

Service 15

Monday to Friday - Daytime journeys revised to operate up to every 15 minutes between Roseworth and Thornaby Centre, then every 30 minutes to Bassleton Court or Cunningham Drive and Ingleby Barwick. In Ingelby Barwick most journeys will continue as service 16 providing links across Ingelby Barwick.

Minor revisions have been made to Saturday and Sunday timetables, with evening journeys continuing to remain hourly, though changed to improve the reliability and punctuality of these trips.

Speaking about services 17, 17A and new Service 17B, an Arriva spokesperson said:

“In response to the feedback received from the consultation, our original plans to remove all Service 17A journeys from Oxford Road has been revised. 

“All journeys will via Oxford Road. Customers who board on Cambridge Road currently are very much still welcome to join us by boarding on Oxford Road instead, however, Stagecoach Service 12 will continue to maintain a service for those who prefer to continue to board there, we feel a much wider benefit to residents in this area to split the service routes.

“In addition to this, further feedback received suggests that residents are very keen for a reinstatement of service along Thornaby Road in Thornaby. We’ve reviewed this option and are pleased to announce that from Monday 29 January, we will trial a service along Thornaby Road (between Milbank Lane and Lanehouse Road), linking the area to Stockton High Street, Thornaby Centre and Middlesbrough. This will operate once per hour during Monday to Saturday daytimes and will operate as NEW Service 17B. Service 17A will continue to operate via Thorntree Road and Lanehouse Road as it does now, twice per hour.

“Service 17 will no longer operate during Monday to Sunday daytimes and will instead operate only in the early evenings when Service 16/17A/17B have been curtailed for the day. Existing passengers who normally use this service during the day (from Ingleby Barwick or Cunningham Drive specifically), should instead look to catch either NEW Service 16 or revised Service 17A/17B.

“When Service 17 does operate in the early evening, it will be revised to operate via Oxford Road in Middlesbrough and will also be revised to also follow the same route as Service 16 within Ingleby Barwick, additionally serving The Rings in Ingleby Barwick. 

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“Service 17A and 17B will combine to provide a frequency of up to every 20 minutes during Monday to Saturday daytimes between Middlesbrough, Acklam, Thornaby and Stockton and Service 17A will also be introduced to operate hourly on Sundays too!

“All journeys will operate from Middlesbrough Bus Station via Cleveland Centre, Linthorpe Road, The Crescent, Oxford Road, Acklam Road, Mandale Road, Mitchell Avenue, Thornaby Centre and then Service 17A via current route to Stockton and Service 17B via Milbank Lane, Thornaby Road and then into Stockton.

“Between Service 16 and 17A/17B, this will improve the number of buses between Thornaby Centre and Middlesbrough on a Monday to Saturday from four per hour currently to five per hour as planned, and on a Sunday from one per hour to two buses per hour.”